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Jacquelyn is an artist who creates floor and wall based sculptural objects and figurative work. Exploring materials we come in contact with in our everyday lives.  I use methods, tools and materials associated with mass production and ideas surrounding consumerism. From familiar shapes and patterns to the glossy smooth surfaces we crave to touch. Using fluorescent Perspex, faux fur, vinyl and shiny enamel. These items appeal to me for their artificial colours, cotton candy textures and the ability for me to manipulate them as a structure to build from within an expanded painting context. I channel this pop glamour world of instant gratification, and bling, allowing freedom to move inside and outside controlled applications and display methods. Investigating colour codes, fashion, design, modular systems, and multi-functionality varying the support for painted surfaces. Taking into account how the viewer might interact with the work in a gallery context, whether by bending down to view it, looking up at it, or walking through it. Hoping to add a sense of movement, or energy allowing the eye and the body to travel through the work. I create a space for these objects to come to life.

    Her work can be found in both public and private collections

Can I walk with You.jpg

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