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1' Exhibition

Chelsea College of Art

February 11, 2016


1’ Exhibition was a group show.  The theme 1’ was the size restriction and only restriction we gave ourselves in this show. I was excited for the opportunity to collaborate professionally as an artist as well as be a part of the curation team. On putting up the show we decided how and where each piece should be hung. Our job was challenging and exciting. We took care so nothing was damage, made groupings of the works looking to find relationships between them. The process moved smoothly and we worked well as a group. This was Personal and professional development through participating in the show making work within the size restrictions as well as being a part of the curation team to give equal attention to each work and make sure it was shown in the best way. Once the show was up and running I participated in invigilation talking to the guests about the individual work and the theme of the show.


  • Collaborated and contributed professionally with ideas on installation 

  • Communicated successfully and experimented on how and where each piece should be hung

  • Ensuring works of art were handled responsibly to prevent loss or damage

  • Confidently speaking with public during invigilation about artworks and theme of the show

  • Ability to work as a team and contribute confidently

  • Professional and personal development in gaining curatorial experience

Curation Day
Curation Day
1' Private View
1' Exhibition view
Hide & seek
Hide & Seek
1' Private View
1' Exhibition Flyer

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