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Reference Photos
Reference Photos
Reference Photos
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Reference photos
Reference photos

Canary Wharf Residency

July 18-22 &

August 5-18 2016

This was an artist residency I participated in during the summer. It was a project lead and conceived by Andrea Coltman and it was a great opportunity to collaborate. I took this opportunity to learn what a residency was and how I could self direct and devise a plan of action to generate ideas to produce future work. I had to write a proposal for my time spent at the residency. We were given a construction site induction and 2 office spaces available for studio space. I made arrangements to go on site and take some reference photos. I also got great research information from my guide regarding Canary Wharf and it's history. I took some research reference photographs of the textures and materials on the site. I really was amazed by the size of the dug out site, the metal, pipes, and bolts. Of course everything was on a massive scale because the buildings will be huge.  I took walks around canary wharf proper and took pictures of some of the people out on lunch and bits of architecture that interested me. I found I needed time to sit with my reference photos to decide what piece I wanted to make. From my research photos I developed a screen print on aluminium. I felt this piece incorporated subject and material that surrounded me during my time there. Being in this residency was another way of me continuing the momentum of my practice and learning to balance my time on research and developing work


  • Writing and Proposing ideas professionally for learning about the area and generating work

  • Independent professional working and developing strategies for producing work from the site

  • Ability to be self directed and work independently to research area 

  • Communicating professionally and arranging tour of construction site to record information

  • Responding to the site with contextual artwork

  • Time management

  • Collaborating effectively

-Project Manager Andrea Coltman

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