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COLOUR IS Exhibition

Waddington Custot

March 1-April 22 2017

This exhibition featured paintings and sculptures from a selection of artists from all over the world. These are artists in which the subject of colour is a central part of their artistic practice.  Helio Oticica’s burnt orange wooden structure hung from the ceiling at eye level invading my space a great way to experience it. This minimal geometric shape with solid flat color grabbed my attention. From one view you see 2 shapes fused together. Then when you investigate further there were interesting openings underneath that invite and surprise. There was another piece by colour field painter Kenneth Nolan. It was one of his irregular Polygon shaped canvases inset in a metal frame. This painting was large scale with minimal design aesthetic. Solid saturated color in the center of the canvas and strategically placed playful pastel colored lines on 3 of the ends with a lovely point at the floor and at the ceiling. This piece was relaxing to engage with. David Batchelor’s work Colour Chart 58 was one of the standouts of this exhibition. This piece was based off of one of his flatland drawings, which make up part of his art practice and his constant research into colour. This piece was very sophisticated. The playful use of industrial materials from the ready made bright orange gloss paint that had been poured and dried to this beautiful texture onto the white glossy hard aluminum that made up the ground of this painting. Contrasting flat matte black paint rectangular in shape at the base just barely kissing the bottom of the orange blob. This work continued to keep me mesmerized. This exhibition shows the importance of colour in art and the power it has to move you.

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