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"Cloverlawn Drive"
Work in progress

“Cloverlawn Drive”

  Through my process of collating and abstracting shapes and colours, to develop drawings, collages and assemblages I find in my work I am honing in to what I will call graphic glamour.

In Graphic Design “different elements may be combined to create appropriate communications.” Pg. 10 Graphic Designers Essential Reference . Colour and form is so important in developing what I would call a successful piece. The title of this work "Cloverlawn Drive" is the address of my childhood home. The colour palette has a nostalgic feel of late 70’s 80’s décor. This harkening back of a happier time is a trend in popular culture. I wanted to pushes the sharp edges and flat colour you see in advertising typeface. I’m enjoying incorporating more elements that enhance the feel of the piece to help tell its’ story. I am giving myself freedom not to be too precious of the assembly and array of materials I use. To create my language through using materials in a way that Gary Webb calls a “kissing” relationship. 


I have been researching his work and I have spoken more about it here:                   


In this piece I chose to use stripes or animal print. It is present from fashion runways, wallpaper, etc. It is also used in design to fill backgrounds and suggest textures that viewer are able to recognize “a concrete reference that can speed communication” pg. 59 Graphic Designers Essential Reference.

Themes & Visual Influences


Constructed Painting


Research and Design for Fashion
Gentlemen of Bacongo
Graphic Designers Essential Reference
Gary Webb

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