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Dionne Swift 

Artist Exhibition Installation

Top Drawer Trade Show

This was an exhibition for Artist Dionne Swift. This show was called Top Drawer a trade show for fine art, fashion, and craft. Retailers, galleries, etc. come and view independent artists as well as larger companies to view and possibly purchase their work. Through self direction I contacted Dionne to volunteer on her installation. Artists like Dionne can get commission work or gallery showings through exhibiting in this show. Dionne is extremely professional and very prepared with the presentation and display of her work. Dionne's practice is expansive she makes paintings, drawings, scarves, lampshades etc. Her pieces are beautiful and well made. It was clear she is very organised and came prepared with all the right tools required for set-up. Since her work takes her on the road frequently she has thought outside the box and designed a multi-purpose travel storage/display shelving. When we took the work out of these handmade boxes they were instantly changed to be used as display shelving and tables for storage. I communicated effectively and assisted her with arranging her artwork and achieving the desired look she wanted. She was very specific about creating the right atmosphere for the work focusing on curating her work developing relationships between works. I learned personal and professional development collaboration with installation of her exhibition. She showed me the importance of workmanship, to hone my craft and that I should make sure my work is professionally presented. I learned the importance of organisational skills, professionalism, and tenacity in seizing opportunities to showcase my work.


  • Independent Personal and professional development

  • Self-Directed work to gain experience

  • Collaborating and communicating effectively


Dionne Swift Exhibition
Dionne Swift
Unpacking and Installation
Top Drawer Trade Show
View of exhibition

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