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Donna Huanca

Scar Cymbals

Zabludowicz Collection

September 29-December 18 2016


This was a solo exhibition of the artist Donna Huanca combining painting, sculpture, and performance. The scale of the work responded to the space this former chapel with high ceilings. Sound is another element that set the tone for this exhibition with a speaker station in the center of the gallery space when you walk in. There was a rhythmic, repetitive droning deep bass that you felt from your feet up like a Dijerdoo. A sculpture with metallic, candy-coloured clothes turquoise silicone dripping with fingerprints embedded with the gestures that the artist was present. Large Scale prints with layers of pigment scraped on with fingers. The canvases were double the size of human scale with a rich color palette. Cut pieces of fabrics like high fashion leathers, patterned print pants, and hipster ponytails draped over metal frames.  There is immediacy in the making.  Huge PVC material with primitive paint marks made with sticks or rocks draped from ceilings to the floor. The color palette is very feminine and very strong. Steps with dried leaves next to walls with remnants of smeared pigment perhaps a ritual just took place. Strategically placed throughout the gallery and inside a three-story scaffolding made with Plexiglas panels were various women.  There bodies covered with the same materials used on her canvases paint and sprinkled with pigment. They would slowly improvise movements pausing ever so often.  Another element of smell wafted through the air. Incense or essential oil floated out into the space from tiny wooden boxes dotted through the gallery.  This exhibition had a freedom and was very engaging with the variety of materials used, how they were displayed and the senses and emotion triggered.

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