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Title; Project Manager/Producer

Collaboration for group video, sound, photography project

This was a group project lead by visiting artist Kimathi Donkor. We were given a theme and put into smaller groups to develop a film. We worked collaboratively using video, sound, and photography. Once we broke into our smaller groups the roles were assigned. As producer of our group I continually liaised with Kimathi to assess all that was required of us. I learned to delegate tasks and not micromanage, while maintaining our schedule and adhering to the timeline. Tasks at hand were writing the script, going on location to gather video and sound footage, and finally editing all the footage. Our team worked well, we upheld the time restrictions while producing a great final video


  • Liaised confidently and demonstrated behaviour working in a professional context with artist Kimathi Donkor to develop strategies for video project 

  • Overseeing and Organized on location video footage

  • Delegation of duties to achieve our goals

  • Managed and organized timeline to develop, create and deliver high quality video in a timely manner

  • Ensuring equal say and quality control of the video

  • Ability to work collaboratively offering group support to keep positive atmosphere 

War & Peace


Fredric Anderson

Siru Zhao

Amber Qai

Cara Flynn 

Jacquelyn Hodges

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