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Marion Phillini

Marion Phillini

Marion Phillini
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Personal Space, 2016
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Personal Space, 2016

Marion Phillini

Lewisham Arthouse

Group Video Project

June 15 & June 21

We were invited to participate in a group video collaboration with Wimbledon Alumni a team working under the name Marion Phillini. We had to make a 2-3 minute moving image work. We broke off into our groups and brainstormed on themes to explore and how we wanted to collect our images. Through subject engagement we went off on our own took a collection of images on our decided theme personal space. We convened and collectively communicated to give discretion of editing of the video footage over to one person Emily. I liked the outcome of the film although I felt I would have made it more abstract. I enjoyed collaborating with my group and seeing the different outcomes on our theme. In committing to the collaboration we submitted the video in a timely manner. We had an exhibition of the finished piece at Lewisham Art House in July.


  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently

  • Excellent communication and negotiating collaboratively on themes for the project

  • Proposing imaginative ways of providing contextual material

  • Personal and Professional development in taking responsibility and responding confidently in providing video footage as material 

  • Committing and Contributing to the submission of the video in a timely manner

Personal Space

Emily Twyford

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