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Megan Geckler

Artist Exhibition Installation

The Courtauld Gallery East Wing Biennial

Jan. 17, 2016

This was an installation for the artist Megan Geckler. I gained personal and professional development in assisting in collaboration to install with other volunteers in Megan's work. During this process our communication effectively with the each other was of the utmost importance. The flag tape material Megan predominantly uses in her artistic practice was very fragile and could easily rip or tear.  We had to delicately manoeuvre the tape with 5 flights of stairs, her design, and each other. Watching Megan I learned to be prepared as possible. She visited, measured and took pictures of the space she would inhabit early on. Then put her measurements in computer design software to make her design as exacting as possible. She also had to be very flexible when unforeseen issues arose beyond her control. Even though she had measured and made detailed drawings of how she wanted the design to look she had to make a few changes on the spot. I saw the importance of documenting the install.  Watching her diligently set up cameras for time-lapse footage at every important angle before we even begun to distribute the tape. She uses the videos she takes as a work in an of itself. I also learned in a collaborative effort like this one it is so important to listen to one another, be succinct, patient, and friendly



  • Personal and professional development assisting and learning from a working artist

  • Collaborating and communicating effectively

  • Preparation and flexibility is key

Geckler installation
Megan Geckler Installation
Geckler installation
Megan Geckler
Installation view

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