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"Time Will Tell"
Time will Tell
Staining Canvas

"Time will tell" piece

oil paint, acrylic, collage on canvas. I continue to make traditional paintings on canvas constantly finding ways of deconstructing the image, maintaining balance and creating depth and movement for the viewers eye to dance around the canvas. Inverting and playing with shapes through framing techniques. Experimenting with various painting strategies to push and develop new ways of working with the abstraction. This work began as a way at looking at staining the canvas as a means of creating depth and colour as form. Even though I continue to make works like this one I am working towards more of a merge taking what I learn from painting in this abstract way and creating something more present in space. In this piece I began to investigate how to go about it. Helen Frankenthaler's "effect of staining conveys a sense not only of colour as somehow disembodied and therefore more purely optical, but also color as a thing that opens and expands the picture plane." pg. 21 Art & Object hood.                                        


  I have been looking at the work of Charline Von Heyl a contemporary abstract painter. I like her technique in that it has many layers and she has a way of editing out pieces of the image as she goes along.


I speak more about her practice here: 

Themes & Influences



-Charline Von Heyl

-Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler
Charline Von Heyl painting
Art and Objecthood Michael Fried

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