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Fold Gallery

November 17-January 14 2017


This is a solo exhibition with works of the sculptor Olivia Bax. On entering the gallery there is a framed 2D Mono-print that looks like the interior of a tube train with the dangling handles used to brace ourselves on our journey. It reminded me of structural plans, or lay outs without details of the exterior of the train. The materiality of the lines and choice of bold color were consistent with her sculptures. Perhaps this is a glimpse into how she frames her art practice.

Hanging and leaning in the corners of the gallery are wall to floor works. Large-scale structures are they fences, or tube turns-styles? There is physicality in this making these poetic playful structures, Cheetos powdery textures, bright orange and blue colors contrasted with snow white.  The color palette is minimal but very effective. You can tell she has created her own language of combining forms and working with materials. Stacking pieces reminiscent of Richard Serra’s work utilizing the verb list, actions being carried out and shown in the work. The pieces are very well made and you can tell she has confidently developed her visual language.  The holes in the concave pieces are strategically placed to hang the blue rubber tubes through assembling the pieces together. They appear like they are holding the stacked pieces together, but on closer inspection it’s just an illusion the stacking is doing all the work. The blue rubber is filled with armature wire. She is in command of her materials using them interchangeably to create unusual forms; armature, wood, plaster. The wall pieces are very well hung with white walls and white hooks matching the pieces. It almost gives the impression the works have grown right out of the walls. Even though the gallery is small her work commands attention. 

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