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A day of site-specific projects in
Cannizaro Park SW19 4UE 
Dundonald Recreation Ground SW19 3PR 
Centre Court Shopping SW19 8YA 
Wimbledon Library SW19 7NB 
Wimbledon College of Arts SW19 3QA 
And other local sites

by students of Wimbledon College of Arts

​Antony Dixon curated this project his idea was concerned with passing through public territories and those things we take with us to those territories. Antony graciously shared this piece with us. I worked alongside a group of my peers with this project. Once it was decided what materials we needed I was responsible for collecting the money from everyone. Points between Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon Library and Wimbledon College of Arts were chosen to cast. We each made a 16”sq cast of the ground. In the surface of each cast the artist placed a 2D object. We chose a 2D object that we brought with us from home. The time place of each cast has been recorded alongside the time and place of the artist’s original encounter with the 2D object. Additionally, a copy of the 2D object was placed in the location of the cast. This was a great opportunity to contribute and collaborate with my peers and bond while choosing spots on the ground to cast and the experience of moving through places.  Participation in this work I experienced Personal and Professional Development through learning a new technique, seeing how and why each of my classmates chose their 2D object and how they creatively embedded it in the plaster.




Park 16


Collaboration, Personal & Professional Development

  • ​Supervised collection of funds from individual artists for materials

  • Securing areas for ground casting

  • Collaborated and contributed positively with individual artists 

  • Experimenting with new technique

  • Contributed professionally in keeping moral up during casting on location and in studio

  • Discussed with colleagues and tested conventions of best places to display our finished works

-curated by Antony Dixon

Park 16
Park 16
Park 16
Park 16
Park 16
Park 16
The road travelled
Park 16

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