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Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf PV

September 15, 2016


I went to the PV of Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf. I loved her work before coming to Wimbledon and finding out she had just graduated from the program I was starting. This was a solo exhibition with very large-scale works. Mostly irregular shaped canvas’s (circles, or split canvas’s) some had pieces of copper attached in a way that broke up the composition in a way that made an excellent addition. I liked her color palette of this series. I’ve never seen her work in person so this was very exciting to actually view the work in the flesh. I can see that she has loosened up her mark making leaning more to the abstraction which let’s the viewer in. It allows us to move back and forth from the representational to dream of what has been removed in those places that have swipes or dribbles of color. There were also prints on show. They seem to be something new she’s displaying. The prints were scanned images of the reference photographs she used.  These photos ended up torn, collaged on, drawn on to make the large canvases. They also show us her process.

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