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Sylvie Fleury

Book by societe des arts, geneve


This book presents an overview of the work of artist Sylive Fleury. She works across painting, sculpture, mixed media, video, and performance. Her work analyses popular culture and consumption crossing art history with boundaries between fashion, luxury branding, and advertising. She makes furry sculptures, neon paintings and brightly coloured installations that have a minimal aesthetic and feminine feel. She distorts, and plays with mass-produced products and materials. Her attempt is to make artwork that creates new forms of sensuality and beauty through recycling objects in a fashion world context. She talks about how she noticed there was a crossover between contemporary art, fashion world and advertising they seemed to co-opt the other. She wanted to reveal this in her work. She compares exhibiting work today like customizing a space, or wearing clothes. Sylvie speaks of attempting to bring balance in Her work by using yin and yang principles. Adding feminine elements when it seems to masculine and vice versa. Through making her artwork she aims to conjure up and imbue energy, she compares it to being a shaman of sorts. References used in the colour palettes of her work vary and span from dazzling gold, bright neon pinks gloss paint to using actual neon signs. She says she likes the freedom to choose colours based on current trends in popular culture like the latest shade of lipstick or eye shadow. Sometimes colour palettes simply come from using basic colour theory. Her artwork is exciting and constantly evolves. She is able to find new ways of expression, which gives her freedom from being easily categorized.

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