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The Infinite Mix

UGO RONDINONE performed by John Giorno Beat nik poet

September 9-December 4 2016


My favourite video installation by far it was perfection. There were old-fashioned TV monitors lined on the floors with images of John in all different directions (back, front, side).  These TV’s gave a very nostalgic feel and contrasted well with the four huge flat screens lining the walls with John standing with bare feet onstage giving us the breakdown of Thanx for nothing!!! I howled with laughter his performance was stellar. The way he delivered this poem, monologue, soliloquy, pulled me in from the start. I loved it because it was so raw and true of the human experience. He went through his life in such detail and I felt I was living it with him. It was simply shot with slight variations on transitions and framing. No transition happened just for the sake of making a fancy film transition. The multiple shots of him helped moved the story along. The story varied from very simple ideas to complex philosophical ideas giving the since he had a complex life. The ending with him bowing on the outside of the curtain, lighting a cigarette, with close ups that look vaguely familiar to actor headshots. Then he turns goes through the curtain walks down the stairs and it starts again. This video installation has been a turning point for me as a performing artist. I have been asked if I intend on introducing performance into my practice since that is my background. Until this point my answer has been I wasn’t interested. I am now.

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