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"Listening for the Weather II"

"Listening for the Weather II" nomad series

Pack it up take it with you. What is the fascination with flat packing? How do mass production industries accommodate the public in the design process. This is a continuation of my earlier piece by similar title and my interest in Nomadism. I have pushed this idea further and am researching sustainable techniques like flat packing in building this sculpture or object. My investigation is fuelled by my own nomadism. My constant love of travelling around the world. How would I take my work with me? The idea of designing a sculpture where all the material is used and nothing is wasted led me to look into the production of Ikea furniture. Wood Joining techniques enables this piece to be broken down and taken with you. Using mass-production techniques to build my sustainable structure. Also, taking cues from fashion using pattern making techniques and tools as a springboard for developing shapes and ways of utilising all of the material in a sustainable way. In playing with geometric shapes: straight lines, circles, right angles, triangles, concave forms using tools like French curve rulers and consider various ways of designing patterns from material where every inch is utilised. I considered this In cutting the wood for this piece.

Themes & Visual Influences

-Popular Culture







-Bouroullec Brothers

Modules, & Wood joining techniques
Sylvie Fleury

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