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Interventions (exhibition view)
Exhibition View
Spring II
Preparing for Install
Preparing for Install
Interventions (exhibition view)
Interventions Private View


Lewisham Arthouse

Group Exhibition

Aug. 29-Sept 11 2016


This was a group show with my peers. Personal and professional development in continually communicating with each other throughout the summer to: take care of deposits and discuss matters concerning the show. We visited the space before we were to install the show to get an idea of where things would go. Time management in finishing my piece for the show was challenging as we were out of school for this exhibition and no access to the workshops. So I took to experimenting with materials I normally would not have used and problem solved to develop my work in modular way. I had to be flexible during the installation of the show. I had an idea of how I wanted the piece to be displayed realizing later there was grey ledge to contend with when installing my piece. I figured out a way to alter what I had planned, incorporate the ledge into the flow of my piece and I think it turned out well. I learned to make adjustments and let go of preconceived ideas. During the Private View I got great feedback with many questions about my process. Once the show was opened we all took shifts invigilating this gave us an opportunity to show our professionalism by talking to patrons about our work and the conception of the show. At the end of the exhibition we had a very positive collaborative group crit of each others work. This was helpful in successfully moving us forward with our art practice.


  • Overseeing transport arrangements for artwork

  • Extensive experimentation, research, problem solved with a methodology in developing the work

  • Responding and collaborating as a team effectively to various approaches of installation

  • Professional and personal development in ability to be flexible and problem solve

  • Ability to work independently to achieve goals

  • Representing the group while invigilating and speaking to the public confidently about the aims of the show

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