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"Upgrade U"
Upgrade U 2
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This piece was developed from the Canary Wharf Residency that I participated in over the summer. In making this piece I wanted to use research, reference imagery I collected as well as staying within my artistic practice. I chose aluminium as a ground in considering a globalisation trade and transactions that function in this environment and is the material that affected me most during my time there with the towering office buildings. Using screen-printing carries with it the associations with mass production.The title "Upgrade U" hales from the constant construction going on upgrading the area. Also, a title from a popular song by Beyonce and Jay-Z.


I speak more about the residency here:

Themes & Visual Influences

-Canary Wharf

-Construction Site


-Popular Culture

-Screen print

-Robert Rauschenberg

Canary Wharf Reference Photo
Robert Rauschenberg works on metal
Canary Wharf Reference Photo

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